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Teachings by Ven. Gnanananda Thero

Learn from the founder of Mahamevnawa

Wrong View in Regard to Paritta Chanting l by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero(2 min) The power in chanting Paritta lies in the true meaning and the belief that these are the Supreme Buddha's words being chanted. However, in this sermon... Watch
History of Sri Lanka l by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero(6 min) In this sermon, we learn the great history of how Buddhism began. Watch
The Great Love of A Mother l by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero(2 min) Did you know how deep the love of a mother and father is towards their children? In Supreme Buddha's words, that love is... Watch

Mirror of Dhamma

Dhamma School for kids.

The Danger of Not Realising the Four Noble Truths | Mirror of the Dhamma for Kids | Episode 15Of all paths, the Noble Eight Fold path is the best. Of all truths, the Four Noble Truth is the best.By following the Noble Eight Fold Path you can put… Watch
Practicing Generosity and its Benefits | Mirror of the Dhamma for Kids | Episode 14Practicing Generosity is a wholesome deed praised by the Noble and Wise Ones. Generosity can be practiced in many ways by offering in various ways. In this sermon we learn… Watch
How To Make Offerings Respectfully? | Mirror of the Dhamma for Kids | Episode 13How do we make offerings in a respectful way? It is important that as much as we have the desire to collect merits by offering things, we should do so… Watch

Buddhism for Lasting Happiness

Teachings for new Buddhists

A True Investment Part – 3In the final part of the Nidhikhanda Sutta we learn about the value of parents and the great power of good deeds. Watch
Watch: A True Investment – Part 2When investing in good actions, we need to know a little bit about how they work. In this episode, we learn about how our actions are our only true possession.… Watch
Watch: Light of LifeWhen people do not know what dark and light is, they head to darkness and avoid the happiness of light. This wonderful teaching was delivered by the Buddha to a… Watch

Stress Management

Life is stressful! Learn how to overcome it.

How to Achieve Success l Stress Management l Episode 5(1 min) How to deal with a stressful mind while aiming to achieve success? Watch
A Great Way to Live l Stress Management l Episode 4(1 min) Have you ever wondered why we experience stress ? Watch

Poya Days

Learn about the events that happened in history on the full moon uposathas.

The Importance of Esala Poya DayThis is the the day on which the Supreme Buddha proclaimed the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta and the Wheel of Dhamma was set in motion Watch
Watch: Importance of Binara PoyaThe beginning of Bhikkhini Sangha took place on a Binara full moon poya day. In this sermon you will learn the eight conditions imposed by the Buddha to grant female… Watch
Importance of Nikini Poya DayThis poya marks the anniversary of the first Buddhist council (Sangayana) held after the Supreme Buddha’s passing away. Watch