Watch the Teachings

Teachings by our teacher Ven. Gnanananda Thero

Learn from the founder of Mahamevnawa

Chariot to Nibbana

Listen to the discussion of 2 Arahants about the 7 factors of purification (22 min)

Deep Dhamma Videos

Deep Dhamma directly taught from the Suttas

Mirror of Dhamma

Dhamma School for kids.

Buddhism for Lasting Happiness

Teachings for new Buddhists

Stress Management

Life is stressful! Learn how to overcome it.

Poya Days

Learn about the events that happened in history on the full moon uposathas.

Vap Poya Importance

Do you know about the time our Gautama Buddha met Maitrī Bodhisatta? (20 min)

Short Sermons & Dhamma Videos

Take just a few minutes to learn the Dhamma

What Happens after Death

Wise people are interested to know what happens after death.

Dhammapada Chanting in Pali & English

Guided Meditation Videos

Learn and practice the meditations taught by the Supreme Buddha

Mindfulness on the Impurities of the Body

Impurities of the Body or the Asubha Bhavana helps us immensely in recognizing and understanding topics such as impermanence, as well as in controlling lust and attachment towards the body.


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