🤝 What your donation supports:

At any given time, our lives could change for the worse, couldn’t it? Therefore, being grateful for what we have in the present, we should always take an effort to help others to the best of our abilities. Keeping in line with the teachings of the Supreme Buddha, we established Colombo Dhamma Friends Charity to lend a hand to those in Sri Lanka that are in need of a little kindness and compassion.

Therefore, we invite you to join and support our initiative and be a little ray of sunshine in the lives of beings that are enduring much hardship

🏦 For Local Devotees

Please WhatsApp the deposit slip to +94 71 596 2399 telling us the purpose of the donation.

When depositing the money, please include your name in the description so that we can quickly recognize you. CHARITY_YOURNAME

Account NameEnglish Dhamma Centre
A/C No009160000357
BankSampath Bank
BranchPita Kotte
Bank Code7278
Branch Code91
Type of AccountCurrent Account

🌐 For International Devotees

Please WhatsApp the deposit slip to +94 71 596 2399 telling us the purpose of the donation.

Devotees who reside outside of Sri Lanka may also use direct bank deposits to make contributions.

When depositing the money, please include your name in the description so that we can quickly recognize you. CHARITY_YOURNAME

🛕 Help Build New Mahamevnawa English Dhamma Center in Colombo

The goal is to join with 150 families in Sri Lanka and around the world who can each pledge towards the purchase of a property and build the new Dhamma Centre. This will allow us to build the meeting halls needed for large poya and meditation programmes.

🔊 To Receive Updates

Please be aware that before accepting the WhatsApp group requests, we will review the registration document. So, kindly fill out the registration form as well.

Utility Support for Families

During the current economic crisis, one of the most direct ways we can help others is by covering utility costs.

Supporting Local Schools

To ensure the future success of the country we need to do what we can to support students.

Saving the Lives of Captured Animals

Giving the gift of life is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

Mental Health Support

The crisis in the country is having a toll on people’s mental health.

Small Business Support

Often even a small support to a small business can mean the difference between success and failure.

Supplies for Children in Orphanages

Some of the most vulnerable are living in orphanages.

Introducing CDF Charity

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Support for Local Schools

Utility Relief for Families

Help for families who can’t afford water and electricity

Through the ecconomic crisis CDF Charities has been able to support families by directly paying for electricity and water bills.

Donation to Children’s Home

Abhayadana: Saving Animals

“Abhayadana: Saving Animals” refers to the compassionate practice of rescuing and protecting animals from harm or suffering. This involves providing shelter, medical care, and a safe environment for animals in need, such as those abandoned, abused, or endangered. Abhayadana highlights the importance of empathy towards all living beings and aims to ensure their well-being and preservation through acts of kindness and responsible care.

Releasing captured crabs to give them another chance at life.

Releasing captured fish to give them another chance at life.

Mental Health Support

“Mental Health Support through Meditation” involves using mindfulness and relaxation techniques to promote emotional well-being and alleviate stress. By practicing regular meditation, individuals can cultivate a greater sense of calm, improve focus, and develop tools to manage their mental health. This approach encourages self-awareness and empowers individuals to navigate their thoughts and emotions in a healthier way, fostering a positive impact on their overall mental wellness.

Bodhi Tree Cleanup

Elder Home

Food to People in Fuel Queues

Free Education

Giving Rations to Families in Need

With the assistance of Grama Niladharee, we give dry rations to 10 families in Kotte

With the assistance of Grama Niladharee, we give dry rations to 25 families in Kotte who are in need at that time of year in observance of Vesak Poya.

With the assistance of Grama Niladharee, we give dry rations to 25 families in Kotte who are in need at that time of year in observance of Poson Poya.

Hospital Visit

Support Other Monasteries

Donating a Water Bowser to the Bandarawela Asapuwa

Supported the purchase of a brand-new bus for Bandarawela Asapuwa. In the past, devotees had to go over 5 kilometres to reach the monastery on foot. Now that they are able to utilize this bus without paying a fee to visit Asapuwa, they won’t need to use three-wheelers or walk there.

Donated for a Golden Fence as a protection for a Sacred Bodhi Tree

Donated a Concrete mixer to build a stupa at the Uyandana Asapuwa


Offered a Gold Plated Silver Almsbowl encrusted with gems


Tiffin boxes were offered to a monastery in a rural area in Kurunegala for the devotees to respectfully offer dana

Transported Bricks from Wilgamvehera to Mihintale to rebuild the Mihindu Seya

Offered a monastery along with a Dhamma Hall and Datu Mandira to Venerable Nuns

Helped to buy land to expand the Bibile Asapuwa

Donated to construct a Stupa and build the Datu Mandira at the Gampaha Asapuwa

Donated to construct a Stupa at the Kuliyapitiya Nuns Monastery

100 bags of cement were offered to build a Bodhi Tree Compound in Dambadeniya during the cement shortage

Donated 7 feet Buddha Statue to Dambadeniya Asapuwa

We provide weekly bun dansala to devotees who come to help with the construction of the Mihidu Maha Seeya.

Today, we donated a water tank to a monastery in Tissamaharama, where they only receive water supply every other day. We got to know about this and offered it as a surprise. “Tomorrow, they are expecting over 2000 devotees for a pinkama.”

Though the tank was Rs. 37,000 – we donated Rs. 50,000 to do the pipe work as well.

Donated Rs. 50,000 to support building stupa at Balangoda Mahamevnawa Asapuwa

Offered Pirikara worth Rs. 100,000 to Mariarawa Asapuwa

One of our young daughters at CDF has made these stickers and sold them and saved money for nine months to donate for the Katina pinkama at CDF

But later when she heard that we are visiting a monastery in a remote area at Monaragala, with Pinwath Swaminwahanse’s consent she donated Rs 100,000 for the expenses of that monastery during the rains retreat.

Offered Gems to enshrine relics in a stupa at the Bibile Asapuwa

In addition, they gave Pothuhera Asapuwa, where a new stupa is being built, a concrete mixer, which would significantly speed up the construction process.

Supported to build a Bodhi Mandapa in a remote monastery that has been stopped halfway through.

Supported to build two Sangha Kuti in Dambadeniya Asapuwa

Housing Support

Small Businesses

Feedback from recipients


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