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AN 5.31 With Princess SumanāLearn about the power that giving has in our life, whether we are born the human world, in the heavenly world, or if we become a monk. read
AN 7.67 Nagaropama Sutta, The Simile of the Citadel“Mendicants, when a king’s frontier citadel is well provided with seven essentials and gets four kinds of sustenance when needed, without trouble or difficulty, it is then called a king’s frontier… read
AN 5:57 ThemesThe Buddha gave us a set of five recollections for everyone to practice. He teaches us the benefit that comes from this recollection, and he explains how it leads directly to… read
MN 135 Culakammavibhanga Sutta, The Shorter Analysis of ActionHave you ever wondered why we see different kinds of people in the world? The Supreme Buddha understood exactly why this is. So I have heard. At one time the Buddha… read
AN 5:235 Anukampa, A Monk with CompassionLearn the five ways a monk can practice compassion towards lay people. “Monks, a resident monk with five qualities shows compassion to the lay people. What five? They encourage them… read
AN 5:50 Sokasallaharana Sutta, Pulling Out the Dart of SorrowHow does a wise person experience death? At one time Venerable Nārada was staying at Pāṭaliputta, in the Chicken Monastery. Now at that time King Muṇḍa’s dear and beloved Queen… read
AN 9:2 With MeghiyaWhat should we do to prepare the mind for wisdom? At one time the Buddha was staying near Cālikā, on the Cālikā mountain. Now, at that time Venerable Meghiya was… read
MN 12 The Similes of the Five Destinations and NibbanaThe following similes that explain the Supreme Buddha's lokavidū quality are found in the Maha Siha Nada sutta. You can read the whole sutta here. There are these five destinations.… read
SN 56:31 Simsapa ForestHow can we understand the vast knowledge of a Supreme Buddha? Of that vast knowledge, what did he share with us? At one time the Buddha was staying near Kosambī… read