A Visit to Sri Gautama Siripa Viharaya | Mirror of the Dhamma for Kids | Episode 30

Are you stuck at home? Unable to go to the Monastery to collect merits? Don’t worry! The Mirror of Dhamma program is giving you a wonderful opportunity to go on a virtual pilgrimage to this magnificent monastery in Sri Lanka named ‘Siri Pa Viharaya.’

While watching, you will feel as if you are at the Monastery, walking into the beautiful golden chamber and worshipping our Supreme Buddha sacred Relics enshrined in the glorious golden casket. As the cameras take you up the divinely decorated stairway, you will feel as if you are climbing the amazing Siri Pada Mountain to worship our Blessed One’s most sacred Footprint.

Dear meritorious Dhamma friends, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity, watch the full program to learn wonderful and interesting details about Siri Pa Viharaya and stories about our Supreme Buddha’s life. This great Viharaya is also located at the base telecasting center for Shraddha TV and Lakviru FM, in Kaduwela. It is surely a blessing for the world.

Don’t forget to share the program with your friends and family so they too can go on this virtual pilgrimage and gain many merits.

Visit this monastery:  No 369, Rajasinghe Mawatha, Hewagama, Kaduwela, Sri Lanka.

Question! Have you visited the Kaduwela monastery before?
Tell us about it in the comments below.

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