Youth Round-Up

Learn and practice the Supreme Buddha’s Dhamma

📅 When: Every 3rd Week on Sundays
📍 Where: 35 Veherakanda Road, Beddagana, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
🛑 Special note: Additional youth round up might take place on other Sundays depending on special requirements and advance notice.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 For: Youth age 13 and older
⏱️ Time: 8 am – 4 pm
🎙️ Medium: English
📲 Inquiries: +94 779 700 001 (Monks) | 💬 Chat on WhatsApp
💵 Cost: Free

🔊 To Receive Updates

Come with friends or bring your group!

If you have a group from your company, association, sports club, or any group at all, you can reserve a whole day just for your group. Contact the monks at +94 779 700 001 to reserve a whole day for your group.

What’s Happening

  • Listen to a sermon
  • Practice meditation
  • Prepare Dana for the Maha Sangha
  • Help with chores in the monastery
  • Meet new friends
  • Serve the larger community

Community Service

In this very difficult time that our country is facing, one of our core values is to buildup a storehouse of merit by practising generosity and community service with a joyful heart in the fellowship of other disciples of the Supreme Buddha. Projects are organized to provide the most value.

📝 Program Schedule

7:00 AMArranging the Hall and Sound system
Take photographs and videos and interviews
8:00 AMWelcome (Breakfast provided [Fish Bun, Milk Packet])
8:00 AMTake photographs and videos and interviews
8:00 AMWorshipping the Buddha Statue
8:10 AMFive precepts, Theruwan Vandhana, Pirith and Short Meditation
8:30 AMDhamma Sermon and directing some devotees for Sangha dana
– Cooking (Sangha Dana)
– Cutting Vegitables, Washing pots and basins etc.
9:00 AMAssigning devotees for volunteer work
9:10 AMAssigning monks for overlook volunteer work
– Cleaning Windows and Doors
– Arranging and cleaning chairs, pantry, kitchen, floor mats, dana hall
(Arrange Napkins and cleaning item (like Glass cleaning liquids)
– Cleaning Washrooms
– Male devotees are allowed to clean the monks residing areas
– Cleaning the book store
10:15 AMPrepare for Buddha Puja and assign volunteers
10:40 AMInvite Monks – Buddha Puja and Dana
10:40 AMChanting while monks are arriving – (Print the papers in-advance)
10:45 AMOffering Buddha Puja
1:00 PMDhamma Sermon & Meditation
2:30 PMChores
2:45 PMRefresh before leave (If we have an event scheduled outside)
3:00 PMSpecial program
4:00 PMReturning to the Monastery / Leaving via shuttle service
– Cleaning the Kitchen
– Cleaning/Arranging all the areas in the Monastery
– Disposal of Garbage (Split the garbage)
– Cleaning/Arranging all the areas in the Monastery
5:00 PMEnd of the Program


9 Buddha Qualities, abandon suffering, aggregates~khanda, alcohol, anger, animal world, anuttaropurisadammasarati quality, araham quality, Aṅgulimāla Arahant, bad association, bhagava quality, buddhanussati meditation, Buddhist etiquette, chanting, compassion, confidence~saddhā, courage, craving, Culla Kammavibhanga Sutta, death, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, Enlightenment, evil deeds, first noble truth, Four Noble Truths, friendship, ghost world, giving~dāna, good actions, gratitude, greed, guided meditation, heaven, ignorance, impermanence~anicca, jataka, jealousy, karma, killing, life of Buddha, lokavidu quality, losing loved ones, loving-kindness~mettā, lying, Maha Satipatthana Sutta, Mangala Sutta, marks of a great man, meditation, merit~puññā, Mihintale, mindfulness~sati, Mora Paritta, Mundane Right View, nibbāna, Noble Eightfold Path, noble truth of suffering, non-attachment, ordination, origin of suffering, parents, paritta, patience, pilgrimage, practice, precepts, psychic powers, pujas, Pāli, rains retreat, rare human birth, Ratana Sutta, respect, right speech, right view, sacred places, Sakka God, sammasambuddho quality, samsara, Sangha, Second Noble Truth, sexual misconduct, similes, Sri Lanka, stress, Sāriputta Arahant, Taking advice, Third Noble Truth, uposatha, Venerable Maha Moggalana, Vesak, vijjacaranasampanno quality, virtue~sīla, wisdom, Work, worldly conditions, wrong view