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Meditate With a Monk 26th June ’24 Recap

Yesterday, during the Meditate With a Monk programme, we learned how to remove our anger towards various people. We also learned that it is possible to remove our anger and resentment towards even our worst enemy and that it is only harmful to us, when we bear hatred and resentment. Arahant Sariputta teaches the five...

Dambadiva Vandana

“Dambadiva Vandana” is a sacred pilgrimage of deep spiritual significance in Buddhist tradition. It refers to the act of paying homage and respect to the Four Holy Places associated with the life of Gautama Buddha


A Simple guide to Help you. ඔබගේ පහසුව සදහා සරල මාර්ගෝපදේශය ⏱️ Morning Sangha Dana: Around 5:45AM – 6:00AM (You can prepare any menu that is suitable for morning dana) ⏱️ Lunch Sangha Dana: Around 10AM We require time to prepare the Buddha Puja, set up Dhamma Hall, Dana Hall and prepare dana and set...

English Dhamma Centre’s Rains Retreat (Katina Celebration)

English Dhamma Centre’s Kathina celebration. Vas season or rain-retreat is the time frame or the period where the Buddhist monks remain indoors or in their monasteries for months, commencing from the Esala Full moon Poya day to Vap Full Moon Poya Day.

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Wisdom Leads to Success

Would you like to be knowledgeable and wise and follow the path to success? With WISDOM, you can! But how do we develop wisdom? What is wisdom in the first place?

Cures for Anger

Want to keep your anger under control? Here are some way to cure ‘anger’ the common disease within the society.

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Colombo Dhamma Friends of Mahamevnawa gives you many opportunities to learn the Buddha’s Dhamma teachings in English and practice meditation in Colombo. All of our activities are free and open to curious people of all backgrounds. We offer regular activities for adults and children as well as special activities for your school or volunteer group. Our activities go beyond simply classes. They show you how the Buddha’s teachings can be lived both on and off a meditation cushion.

Even if you are just visiting Sri Lanka, we would love if you participate in our activities.

At Colombo Dhamma Friends activities you will find all the resources you need to move forward on your spiritual path.

  • Trained monks skilled in explaining the ancient, orthodox teachings of the Buddha.
  • Guidance on putting these teachings into practice.
  • Techniques to use when difficulties arise
  • Encouragement to keep moving forward.
  • A community that values spiritual development over materialism and mindless consumption.

Colombo Dhamma Friends is part of the Mahamevanawa Buddhist Monastery network (pronounced maha MAY oo NA wa). The monastery benefits the spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of Buddha. Founded in 1999 in Sri Lanka by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero, its sole purpose is to spread the original teachings of the Buddha. Our monasteries are warm and welcoming places for everyone to investigate true happiness through Dhamma and meditation. We have two monasteries close to Colombo: Kaduwela and Malabe. You can visit any of our monasteries in Sri Lanka. We also have over 25 branches in cities around the world.


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