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Gratefulness: If people can be ungrateful how grateful we are 1 month ago On this episode of the Being Buddhist Podcast, we’ll learn from the bad example of a husband who was ungrateful to the wife who saved his life. More
The Snake Drama 1 month ago “Just like a child would cry for the moon, it would be the same as crying for a body, so why would I cry.” More
Lying Leads To Suffering 1 month ago Have you ever lied? Maybe, even a white lie? If so, this episode is especially for you! More
Kids in UK Walk 5KM | The Monastery Built by Kids 2 months ago Posted in: Inspiration Watch how this group of meritorious kids in UK came together to raise awareness and raise donations to help build the New International English Dhamma Centre of Mahamevnawa in Colombo. More
Dhammadāna: Pāli Word of the Day 2 months ago Posted in: Dhamma Blog The gift of Dhamma surpasses all gifts. The taste of Dhamma surpasses all taste. More
AN 8:41 The Uposatha With Eight Factors, In Brief 2 months ago Posted in: Suttas The proper way to think when observing the eight precepts. More
Let Us Offer the Blessed One Special Waterless Milk Rice 2 months ago Posted in: Dhamma Blog Learn how to make special milk rice to offer to the Supreme Buddha More
This is what we should do during the pandemic | Mirror of Dhamma for Kids 2 months ago Posted in: Mirror of Dhamma The pandemic is no reason to panic! The Supreme Buddha taught us what to do. More
How should we celebrate Vesak like Buddha is alive? 2 months ago Posted in: Short Sermons & Dhamma Videos Lets celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of our great teacher the Supreme Buddha! More
Mora Paritta Video in Pali and English, from Jataka 159 2 months ago Posted in: Chanting Videos The verses of protection chanted by Bodhisatta-Peacock which protected him from all dangers. More
SN 56:48 Dutiyachiggaḷayuga Sutta: A Yoke With a Hole 2 months ago Posted in: Suttas What are your chances of being born in the human world? What are the chances of being born when we can hear the Dhamma? More
Āraddhaviriya: Energetic | Pali Word of the Day 2 months ago Posted in: Dhamma Blog Without being energetic, it is impossible to overcome the defilements that keep us bound to saṁsara. More

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Colombo Dhamma Friends of Mahamevnawa gives you many opportunities to learn the Buddha’s Dhamma teachings in English and practice meditation in Colombo. All of our activities are free and open to curious people of all backgrounds. We offer regular activities for adults and children as well as special activities for your school or volunteer group. Our activities go beyond simply classes. They show you how the Buddha’s teachings can be lived both on and off a meditation cushion.

Even if you are just visiting Sri Lanka, we would love if you participate in our activities.

At Colombo Dhamma Friends activities you will find all the resources you need to move forward on your spiritual path.

  • Trained monks skilled in explaining the ancient, orthodox teachings of the Buddha.
  • Guidance on putting these teachings into practice.
  • Techniques to use when difficulties arise
  • Encouragement to keep moving forward.
  • A community that values spiritual development over materialism and mindless consumption.

Colombo Dhamma Friends is part of the Mahamevanawa Buddhist Monastery network (pronounced maha MAY oo NA wa). The monastery benefits the spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of Buddha. Founded in 1999 in Sri Lanka by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero, its sole purpose is to spread the original teachings of the Buddha. Our monasteries are warm and welcoming places for everyone to investigate true happiness through Dhamma and meditation. We have two monasteries close to Colombo: Kaduwela and Malabe. You can visit any of our monasteries in Sri Lanka. We also have over 25 branches in cities around the world.


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