Monks in the Morning Podcast

Radio Programme for Children of All Ages

You want your children to get all the benefits of their Buddhist religion. But a once a week Dhamma School just isn’t enough. Now you and your family can join with the monks of Colombo Dhamma Friends of Mahamevnawa each weekday so they can develop strong minds and virtue.

Each show is 28 minutes and includes taking refuges and precepts, chanting a paritta or a guided meditation, a short Dhamma sermon, and sometimes a short sutta reading. They always close with a merit sharing. Kids love it and they are able to use what they learn as they go about their day.

223 Visākhā Gets Her Wish

Lots of people wish for things for themselves. Some people have a wish to help others.

222 Good-hearted Friends

In today’s sermon we will learn about what a good-hearted friend is and how we can also become a good-hearted friend to other people.

220 A Girl Gifts Gold to a Stupa

In today’s episode we’ll learn about a young girl who showed respect to the relics by offering something you might not expect.

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I am mom of 3 kids residing in Las Vegas USA. I am very happy about of this programs because I am struggling teaching Dhamma in English to my kids. I know this programs is playing a vital role. My kids will benefit from your activities. I would like to pay gratitude for our Lokusuwameen wahahanse and all the monks of the Mahamewnawa. I Know them very well. Now I am in the other side of the world but every single day Mahamevnawa is guiding me.

 Kanchana Chamari

Kanchana Chamari

Las Vegas, USA


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