Straightening Harmful Misconception (Alagaddupama Sutta) Part 1

Swaminwahansa teaches us the Alagaddupama Sutta and the video begins with the explanation of the seriousness of twisting the words of the Buddha and the immense bad karma that will result in doing so. We are taught how monk Arittha had a misconception and how the Buddha advised him so that he wouldn’t collect any further bad karma. We are also taught about the drawbacks of sensual pleasure and that “it’s not possible to perform sensual acts without sensual pleasures, sensual perceptions, and sensual thoughts”.

19:50—After that, Swaminwahansa moves to the next part of the Sutta where the Buddha teaches us about the wrong way of learning the Dhamma through a simile, which then became the topic of the Sutta. We are also taught the 9 segments of the Teachings of the Buddha – Navāngasattasāsana.

32:10—Swaminwahansa then comes back to the Sutta to teach how the Buddha explained the right way to grasp the Dhamma. The Buddha also explains how we should not even cling to the Dhamma through a very insightful simile in the next part of the Sutta.

41:22—Swaminwahansa reminds us how important it is for us not to use the words of the Buddha for the purpose of debating, and also to know the difference between debating and explaining the Dhamma out of compassion.

45:43— The Sutta moves on to a Deep Dhamma section about the 5 groups of Clinging (Pañca Upādānakkhandhā).

59:05—After this, the Q&A session begins where some devotees ask some interesting questions about Uposatha observance, the Alagaddupama Sutta, misconceptions about the need to become vegetarian, and meditation.

To watch the next part of this sutta, click here.

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