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🤝 What your donation supports:

To learn details about the amount of expenses, please contact us.

  • 🌐 Dhamma Propagation (including internet bill)
  • 💻 Online radio & live streaming
  • 🔊 Publicity
  • 🛕 Property rental
  • 💧 Water Bill
  • 💡 Electricity Bill
  • 🏠 Space for programs
  • 🚌 Transportation for monks
  • 💊 Medicine for monks
  • 🚧 Maintenance & development
  • 🧔‍♂️ Salaries for 2 Upastayakas
📱 Contact (Monk)

📞 Contact number: +94 779 700 001
📩 Email:

📱 Contact (Commitee member)

💬 WhatsApp Only: +94 71 596 2399

🏦 Bank details

Please send the deposit slips to and WhatsApp: +94 71 596 2399 telling us the purpose of the donation

Account NameEnglish Dhamma Centre
A/C No009160000357
BankSampath Bank
BranchPita Kotte
Bank Code7278
Branch Code91
Type of AccountCurrent Account
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💵 Donation Slots and Requirements

All of the following items are monthly commitments. But you can make a one-time donation too

In order to contact the coordinator, please click on the amount you would like to donate from the table below. It will automatically generate a message, and you may use WhatsApp to carry on the conversation.

However if you have any trouble continuing, you may always send a WhatsApp message to this number. +94 71 596 2399

🌐 Dhamma Propagation (Internet bill)1,0001,0001,0001,0001,000
🛕 Property Rental10,00010,00010,00010,00010,000
💡 Electricity Bill5,0005,0005,0005,0005,000
💧 Water Bill1,0001,0001,0001,0001,000
💊 Medicine for Monks1,0001,000
🚌 Transportation for Monks1,0001,0001,000
🚧 Maintenance & Development2,0002,0002,0002,0002,000
🏠 Space for ProgramsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
🔊 Publicity1,0001,0001,000

Please use the above bank details if you would like to make a one-time donation for the items mentioned above. Please send the deposit slips to and WhatsApp: +94 71 596 2399 telling us the purpose of the donation.

When depositing the money, please include your name in the description so that we can quickly recognize you. eg: Saman Water Bill

🛕 Help Build New Mahamevnawa English Dhamma Center in Colombo

The goal is to join with 150 families in Sri Lanka and around the world who can each pledge towards the purchase of a property and build the new Dhamma Centre. This will allow us to build the meeting halls needed for large poya and meditation programmes.

🪙 The Benefits of Giving

About Us

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery has been holding English Dhamma programs for over ten years. Learn more about the history of Colombo Dhamma Friends, Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery, and our founder Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera.


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