Straightening Harmful Misconception (Alagaddupama Sutta) Part 2

In case you haven’t seen part 1 of this sutta, click here.

Swaminwahansa moves to the next part of the Sutta where the Buddha teaches us deep Dhamma starting with the six grounds for views. A common reason as to why uneducated ordinary people (assutavā puthujjano) fall into confusion and sorrow and lament is brought up in the Sutta.

25:40—We are taught directly from the words of the Buddha how to do a particular type of insight meditation (Vipassanā meditation of the five aggregates of clinging). The result of contemplating like this is also taught in the Sutta. Bhante also reminds us how it’s important to learn and contemplate deep Dhamma in order to reach stages of enlightenment.

32:51—Bhante moves on to the Q&A session where a devotee asks about the meaning of “internal or external; coarse or fine; inferior or superior” in reference to the five aggregates of clinging. Then some questions on the extinguishment of consciousness (at arahantship), and the relationship between ‘Anatta’, ‘Sakkāya diṭṭhi’ and the notion of self are also asked.

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