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For such a long time, we have experienced various types of suffering, tragedies and disasters. We have filled the cemetery with our dead bodies. A countless number of times we have faced tragedies like this. Our life is full of suffering and this is what we should expect when we are going in this endless saṁsara. The body is waiting for diseases. Even though we decorate it every day, we have to leave it one day. So we should understand the true nature of this body. Tomorrow this could happen to me, my family and my friends. Our human life is very uncertain. No one can escape from death. So there is no point in crying. Death can come anytime. It doesn’t matter if we are healthy or wealthy, we all have to go when it is time. We cannot challenge or avoid it! Therefore, my dear Dhamma friends, practise Dhamma and accumulate many merits. Our Supreme Buddha advised us to chant Ratana Sutta in a situation like this. In this episode our Pinwath Swaminwahansa compassionately taught us the background story of Ratana sutta.

You can chant the Ratana Sutta here.

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