Dhammapada Chanting in Pali & English

Recite these beautiful verses from the Dhammapada with us. You can read the entire Dhammapada on SuttaFriends.org.

Dhammapada Verse 26 | Appamada Vagga(2 mins) What treasure do the wise protect ? Watch
Dhammapada Verse 25 | Appamada Vagga(1 min) The island called Nibbana, which no flood can overwhelm ! Watch
Dhammapada Verses 23 & 24 | Appamada Vagga(2 mins) The Wise person's glory grows and experience of freedom. Watch
Dhammapada Verses 21 & 22 | Appamada Vagga(2 mins) Why important to practice the dhamma DILIGENTLY ? Watch
Dhammapada Verses 19 & 20 l Yamaka Vagga(3 mins) Have you ever heard of the negligent person and the diligent person ? Watch
Dhammapada Verses 17 & 18 l Yamaka Vagga(2 mins) Do you want to rejoice in this life and the next as well ? Watch
Dhammapada Verses 15 & 16 l Yamaka Vagga( 2 mins) Did you know that in this world there are evil doers and merit makers ? Watch
Dhammapada Verses 13 & 14 l Yamaka Vagga(2 mins) Did you know that lust penetrates the mind not developed by meditation ? Watch
Dhammapada Verses 11 & 12 | l Yamaka Vagga(2 mins) Beneficial and Unbeneficial things. Watch