89 Path to Remove Suffering

In this episode we will learn about the second and third Noble Truths in detail, even learning in Pali. Contents 5:57 Mahamangala Sutta ~ Discourse on Blessings. Read online now …


86 Three Hundred Spears

In today’s sermon, we’ll learn about the Supreme Buddha’s Sammasambuddho quality and hear the simile of the 300 spears. Contents 5:38 Metta Bhavana ~ Loving Kindness Meditation15:00 Sermon on the …


84 The Buddha Is Sammasambuddho

On today’s program, we’ll learn the next quality of the Supreme Buddha: SammaSamBuddho. We’ll also learn the simile of the simsapa forest, one of the most famous similes that the …



9 Buddha Qualities, abandon suffering, aggregates~khanda, alcohol, anger, animal world, anuttaropurisadammasarati quality, araham quality, Aṅgulimāla Arahant, bad association, bhagava quality, buddhanussati meditation, Buddhist etiquette, chanting, compassion, confidence~saddhā, courage, craving, Culla Kammavibhanga Sutta, death, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, Enlightenment, evil deeds, first noble truth, Four Noble Truths, friendship, ghost world, giving~dāna, good actions, gratitude, greed, guided meditation, heaven, ignorance, impermanence~anicca, jataka, jealousy, karma, killing, life of Buddha, lokavidu quality, losing loved ones, loving-kindness~mettā, lying, Maha Satipatthana Sutta, Mangala Sutta, marks of a great man, meditation, merit~puññā, Mihintale, mindfulness~sati, Mora Paritta, Mundane Right View, nibbāna, Noble Eightfold Path, noble truth of suffering, non-attachment, ordination, origin of suffering, parents, paritta, patience, pilgrimage, practice, precepts, psychic powers, pujas, Pāli, rains retreat, rare human birth, Ratana Sutta, respect, right speech, right view, sacred places, Sakka God, sammasambuddho quality, samsara, Sangha, Second Noble Truth, sexual misconduct, similes, Sri Lanka, stress, Sāriputta Arahant, Taking advice, Third Noble Truth, uposatha, Venerable Maha Moggalana, Vesak, vijjacaranasampanno quality, virtue~sīla, wisdom, Work, worldly conditions, wrong view