AN 3.61 Titthayatana Sutta: The Irrefutable Teaching | Part 4

In case you haven’t seen part 3 of this sutta, click here.

Swamin Wahansa moves on to the next part of the discourse – the six fields of contact. In order to get a more detailed explanation of contact, we are referred to the Chachakkasutta (MN 148). Contact is the union of the internal sense base, the external object and consciousness. Since the three of these are impermanent, it is certain that the union of the three (i.e., contact) is also impermanent. Swamin wahansa also gives a tip on how to reduce anger when being scolded or insulted.

Do you know how and why we are able to go back to certain memories in our life and ‘re-experience’ that particular feeling again? We are taught why in this sermon. Later on, we are taught how a being is conceived in their mother’s womb, and the requirement for 6 elements to be present for this to happen. After completing the Sutta, a devotee asks Bhante how Craving can be reduced and eventually ceased. Bhante refers us to a different Sutta (Mahāsaḷāyatanikasutta – MN149) to explain how we can practice seeing the drawback of worldly things instead of getting caught to the gratification.

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