Mora Paritta Video in Pali and English, from Jataka 159 The verses of protection chanted by Bodhisatta-Peacock which protected him from all dangers. Chant
Snp 2.4 Maha Mangala Sutta: Discourse on Blessings | Pali with English Subtitles Video Chant along with the Mangla Sutta in Pali while reading the English subtitles. Chant
The Power of Pirith Threads A short part of a Dhamma sermon by our Most Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera on how human habitation began in Sri Lanka and about the great Power of Pirith thread. Chant
Snp 2.1 Ratana Sutta: Jewels Discourse This sutta was given by the Supreme Buddha when there was a great famine and infestation of dangerous non-human beings in Vesali. Still we chant this sutta for protection today. Chant
Snp 2.4 Maha Mangala Sutta: Discourse on Blessings The Supreme Buddha teaches a humble devata about ways that we can collect blessings into our lives. Chant
Snp 1.8 Karaniyametta Sutta The Supreme Buddha teaches how to practice loving-kindness meditation. Chant
SN 10:12 Ālavaka Suttaṁ: Discourse to Ālavaka the Demon The Supreme Buddha defeats the Demon Ālavaka with the power of his wisdom. Chant
Paticca Samuppada Samudayo and Nirodho, Arising and Cessation of Causality The Supreme Buddha teaches about the arising and cessation of this whole mass of suffering. Chant
Angulimala Paritta This powerful Declaration of Truth was taught by our Supreme Buddha to Arahant Aṅgulimāla to bless a pregnant mother who was in extreme pain, unable to deliver her baby. Chant


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