223 Visākhā Gets Her Wish

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends
Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends
223 Visākhā Gets Her Wish

Have you ever wished for something? Something you wanted really, really bad? Lots of people wish for things for themselves. New clothes, new games, a favorite food. Well, some people have a wish to help other people. That was the case with the great disciple named Visakha. Do you know about her? The Supreme Buddha said she was the best giver to the Sangha of all his female lay disciples. She had made the wish a long time ago to be this best kind of giver. In today’s sermon we’ll learn about the wish she made and how she ended up getting her wish. She didn’t get her wish because someone else gave it to her. She got it by developing many, many good qualities.

Yathāpi puppharāsimhā,
kayirā mālāguṇe bahū;
Evaṃ jātena maccena,
kattabbaṃ kusalaṃ bahuṃ.

53. As an expert garland maker makes many garlands from a heap of flowers, you who obtained the human life should do many wholesome deeds.

Dhammapada Verse 53, read on SuttaFriends.org


6:15 Sermon
12:54 Canda Paritta. Download a PDF or read online.
21:25 Petavatthu Pv 1.10 Khallāṭiya Sutta: Dressed in Hair Read it online on SuttaFriends.org

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