Buddhism for Lasting Happiness

A True Investment Part – 3In the final part of the Nidhikhanda Sutta we learn about the value of parents and the great power of good deeds. Watch
Watch: A True Investment – Part 2When investing in good actions, we need to know a little bit about how they work. In this episode, we learn about how our actions are our only true possession.… Watch
Watch: Light of LifeWhen people do not know what dark and light is, they head to darkness and avoid the happiness of light. This wonderful teaching was delivered by the Buddha to a… Watch
Watch: Hunter’s escapeSee the refuge and the protection of meeting monks and associating with kalyana mittas, spiritual friends. This hunter avoided unimaginable suffering and got to experience the bliss of Nibbana, only… Watch
Watch: A True Investment – Part 1The Buddha understood exactly how we should invest our time and material resources to ensure happiness both in this life and future lives. Watch
Watch: Study Your MindDo we really know what we should be concerned about in life? And does that protect us, or cause us more trouble? The Buddha teaches us that developing strength of… Watch
The Buddha’s Path to HappinessLearn to practice the Buddha's path to happiness. Watch
Compassionate AlmsroundLay people offer dana out of compassion for monks. But did you know that monks also accept dana with compassion. Although he was a very powerful, senior monk, Arahant Maha… Watch