See What A Buddhist Girl Did During the Lockdown

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7 thoughts on “See What A Buddhist Girl Did During the Lockdown”

  1. This video is very good and it has lots of good teachings to learn. It helped me realize that indulging in sense pleasures is not a good thing and that we need to practice and protect the dhamma diligently like a precious treasure. I also learned that observing the 5 precepts, 10 precepts once a week, twice a week, and three times a week can help you gain a lot of merit. Even though we are stuck in a lockdown, we can still do meritorious deeds like practicing the dhamma, and also we can practice loving kindness meditation.

  2. I learned that we can still do meritorious deeds like practicing meditation, observe the 5 precepts, and also practicing loving kindness meditation even if we are still in a lockdown. I also learned that indulging in sense pleasures is not a good thing and we need to practice the dhamma diligently.

  3. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
    This video is very inspiring. It can remind us of how even in difficult situations we can still practice the Dhamma. And we must take any opportunity to practice it, without any hesitation.

  4. During the lockdown the girl thought that this is the best time to observe the 10 precepts for at least a week. When you take the 10 precepts you can sleep happily thinking that I followed the Bhudda’s teaching,

  5. While watching this video the things I learnt were…
    – Young girls don’t have trouble taking the 10 precepts
    – Observing the 10 precepts is very blissful
    – Taking the 10 precepts focuses your mind on taking the 10 precepts and not that your in lockdown



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