Short Dhamma Sermons & Videos

A Buddhist Girl Gets Fired from Work Let's see how a Buddhist girl reacts when she gets fired from work. Watch
The Power of Letting Go | Short Dhamma Videos We suffer just for our own thoughts and feelings which are made from a impermanent things. The power of letting go is amazing. (5 min) Watch
Three Qualities of the Supreme Buddha Ever heard of a Teacher of Gods and Humans? Watch
Walking in the Path of the Buddha There is no place in any world without suffering. Watch
Having a Pure mind The Buddha has infinite qualities. Watch
Endless Expectations Useless is wishing and hoping, for who can predict what tomorrow will hold? Watch
You For Yourself, A Journey Alone What is the true refuge and the proper way to think and behave as we live this life? Watch
Vision Of Right View What is the best view what should have? Watch
The Gift Of Life The Dangers of being trapped in Samsara. Watch