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Dambadiva Vandana

“Dambadiva Vandana” is a sacred pilgrimage of deep spiritual significance in Buddhist tradition. It refers to the act of paying homage and respect to the Four Holy Places associated with the life of Gautama Buddha


A Simple guide to Help you. ඔබගේ පහසුව සදහා සරල මාර්ගෝපදේශය ⏱️ Morning Sangha Dana: Around 5:45AM – 6:00AM (You can prepare any menu that is suitable for morning dana) ⏱️ Lunch Sangha Dana: Around 10AM We require time to prepare the Buddha Puja, set up Dhamma Hall, Dana Hall and prepare dana and set…

English Dhamma Centre’s Rains Retreat (Katina Celebration)

English Dhamma Centre’s Kathina celebration. Vas season or rain-retreat is the time frame or the period where the Buddhist monks remain indoors or in their monasteries for months, commencing from the Esala Full moon Poya day to Vap Full Moon Poya Day.

Special Message From Our Teacher

Yesterday Pinwath Swaminwahanse highlighted how we should develop in qualities. Nowadays, people have declined and become lazy, as a result of not making an effort to be free from anger, delusion, and lust one day. Whereas, when it comes to sensual pleasures, people are more willing to spend their time and money. Isn’t this very…


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