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Read the article ‘Kamma Changes Love Into Spite‘ that is based on this short animated story.

In this journey of Arahant Nun Isidasi Theri, you will learn the dangers of this endless samsara and also the dangers of sexual misconduct in particular. The Supreme Buddha clearly defined sexual misconduct, that is:

He engages in sexual misconduct. He has sexual relations with women who are protected by their mother, father, mother and father, brother, sister, or relatives; who are protected by their Dhamma; who have a husband; whose violation entails a penalty; or even with one already engaged.

Paṭhamasañcetanika Sutta – AN 10.217

This is also true for women who partake in any sexual activity with any man who is not their husband. Therefore, understand and abstain from engaging in sexual misconduct, this is the 3rd precept, taught by the compassionate Buddha for beings to avoid such suffering.

309. Four results come to the reckless man who engages in sexual misconduct with another’s wife: accumulation of demerit, agitation, accusation, and rebirth in hell.

Dhammapada 22

Remember, the gratification felt is little, momentary and negligible when compared to the immense suffering caused by engaging in sexual misconduct, therefore be wise.

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