182 Half a Day of Merit, a Very Big Result

182 Half a Day of Merit, a Very Big Result
Monks in the Morning

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Do any of you remember the simile the Supreme Buddha gave for doing very small good things? He said that just like a water pot will eventually get filled even if only a few drops of water fall into the pot at a time. He said we should remember that even when we do a small good karma, we should never thing of it as a small thing. That when we do the good actions that the Buddha teaches us about, the results always come to us in a great way, much bigger than the action we did.

Today we’ll learn a story about a man who worked for Anāthapiṇḍika who tried very hard to follow Anāthapiṇḍika’s good example, even though he could only do this for a short amount of time.


5:46 Sermon
16:41 Mittānisansa Sutta. Download a copy or read online.

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