Record Yourself for CDF Radio

It’s easy to record yourself so you can be on CDF programmes. If you like to just leave us a short message, you can click here to leave us a voicemail.

Recommended App

The ASR Voice Recorder is free (with ads) and allows you to record in the FLAC format. Get on the Play Store | Get it on the Apple Store

After you have it installed, go to Settings>Recording>Recording Format and select FLAC. If FLAC is not available, select WAV.

What is FLAC???

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. You may be more familiar with MP3. The problem with MP3 is that the quality is very low. When we record for radio we need to record in a lossless format like FLAC. This is very important! If your recorder does not have a FLAC option, select WAV. (WAV files are twice as large as FLAC files.

NOTE: Only record in MP3 if there is no other option. If you record in MP3, don’t convert it to FLAC or WAV. It won’t fix the problem of low quality.

Find a quiet space!

If you can hear sounds around you, so can the recording. It is important that you go to a place with no outside noise. This can be hard, but always try to find the most quiet space in your house. Turn off any devices that make noise like fans and AC.

Find an acoustic space!

A good acoustic space is important but a little difficult to understand. Simply put, you need to find a room that doesn’t have an echo. Usually a bathroom is the room with the most echo. Usually a closet full of clothes is the best. Closets are also good because they usually have reduced outside noise.

Be Professional as Possible!

  • record 5 seconds of silence at the beginning and end of the recording
  • Make a test recording and listen to it with headphones. See if you hear an echo or lots of outside noise.
  • If suddenly you do hear a loud noise, rerecord that sentence again.
  • It’s fine to make mistakes! Audio is really easy to edit, so if you make a mistake, just rerecord the sentence from the beginning.


If you are chanting or reciting kavi, it’s really good to warm up and recite one or two times before you press record. That’s what professionals do!

What to do with the file?

The best thing is to upload your FLAC or WAV file to Google Drive or something like that. Then send a link in an email to

Give your file a good name! Please put your name and what the recording is in the file name. This is very important.


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