Wisdom Leads to Success

Would you like to be knowledgeable and wise and follow the path to success? With WISDOM, you can! But how do we develop wisdom? What is wisdom in the first place?


Cures for Anger

Want to keep your anger under control? Here are some way to cure ‘anger’ the common disease within the society.


The Snake Drama

“Just like a child would cry for the moon, it would be the same as crying for a body, so why would I cry.”


Why do we forget?

Here’s a common problem that we all have, FORGETFULNESS . And using the Supreme Buddha’s teaching forgetfulness has been solved!


How to Be a Good Person

Namo Buddhaya Dhamma friends!Welcome to our very first episode of the Dhamma Kids Podcast! In this episode you will learn how to be a good person. This is not only …



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