Meditate after Work: August 28 Teachings

Usually there is a way that people see and recognize the things that they see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and think. Unknowingly people take these things as things that could remain without changing and will remain in the same way. And people get angry and upset when things change.

Therefore to have a confident mind to be detached and maintain a mind that is not agitated some wonderful teachings were taught.

1) The three characteristics of the impermanent nature.
2) Understanding the disgusting, or the false, nature of the body
3) Seeing good in others

These techniques were taught to develop a mind like the earth when you’re criticized by the society and the when you experience unexpected miserable incidents that upsets you in life.

The impermanence mediation was practiced.

Download the Impermanence meditation on the six sense faculties and practice at home.

We mix with the world with the help of out internal sense faculties. Once you have realised the true nature, you wont get attached, nor opposed nor deceived.

Therefore read this suttas and come for the next program to learn the Shantivada Jathaka. To learn how Buddha practiced patience.

Chachakka Sutta

Join us for the next program on Wednesday September 4th to learn shanti vada Jathaka, discuss Kakacupama Sutta and ways to build a strong mind that is unaffected by criticism.

Get details on the next program, Meditate after Work @ Bambalapitiya


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