Speakers Bureau, Tours, and Custom Programs for Your Group, School, or Workplace

Monks speaking to a group of NGO volunteers.

Our monks are happy to provide your group with talks and workshops on a variety of Buddhist and meditation topics. Activities can be held at your location or at one of our monasteries. This provides a unique opportunity for volunteers and students to gain cultural competencies in the largest religion practiced on the island. They will take away a deeper understanding of the history of Buddhism, how it is practiced in Sri Lanka, and how they can benefit from simple meditation techniques. Each program can be tailored to the group’s specific needs.

There is no charge for these services.

Possible Topics

  • What is meditation in Buddhism
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Basic meditation instructions
  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • The life of the monastery in Buddhist culture
  • The role of monks in people’s everyday lives

If you would like to arrange something for your group, please let us know the group size, the background of the participants, and the reason they are in Sri Lanka. You can also tell us what you hope for them to learn. Activities can be scheduled in most major cities in Sri Lanka.

What group leaders are saying…

The monastery have run meditation workshops for our team of psychology student and graduate volunteers from around Europe, Australia and the America. These meditation workshops have been a great opportunity for our team to learn more about Buddhist culture and practice meditation in a beautiful calm location. Our team have greatly valued these workshops and in just a few hours get a well informed introduction to Buddhism that they will remember for their lives. This is a unique opportunity for foreigners to learn directly from monks and everyone is truly grateful for this once in a life time experience.

Lucy Nightingale

Founding director of slv.global


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