Walking For Merit

“Namo Buddhaya Swaminwahansa, I have started walking a dog to collect donations for the new proposed asapuwa and I will be doing it every week for 4 weeks. The dog is one of the keyworkers who are busy with work.”

Message sent by a young daughter living UK, dedicating her time and effort to help the Buddha Sasana flourish by supporting the New English Dhamma Center in Colombo.

Namo Buddhaya!

Share these stories with your friends and family members and make this meritorious deed a success.

May you engage in this meritorious act of building and building a great Vihara Mandira with three Dhamma halls, also with a Bodhi compound, great stupa, and a monastery for the Maha Sangha.

11 thoughts on “Walking For Merit”

  1. සාදු සාදු සාදු සතුටු සිතින් යුතුව මේ ආරාම පූජාව සියතින් කළා සේ, අනුමෝදන් වෙමි මම. තෙරුවන් සරණයි නමෝ බුද්ධාය. ඒ උත්තම අරහත් ධජය දරාගෙන වැඩ සිටින මහා සංඝ රත්නය ට මාගේ නමස්කාරය වේවා. මාගේ ගුරු දෙවිඳුට මාගේ නමස්කාරය වේවා… සත්පුරුෂ භූමියට මාගේ නමස්කාරය වේවා මහමෙව්නාව….

  2. Saadu Saadu Saadu Anumodami!
    Duwa, may you have the strength and courage to do it with the blessings of noble triple gems. Namo Buddhaya!

  3. Namo Buddhaya
    Theruvan saranai
    Sadu sadu sadu sathutin anumodami. By the power of the triple gem may you and your family be well and happy and realise the Four Noble Truths in this Gautama Buddha’s Dispensation!!
    Theruvan saranai
    Namo Buddhaya
    Aunty Hansi, Uncle Pravien, Kyle and Kylie


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