Cycling for Merit | The Monastery Built by Kids

Watch how meritorious kids from around the world are coming together to help build the New International English Dhamma Centre of Mahamevnawa in Colombo. Get your kids involved in this meritorious deed today!

Namo Buddhaya!

Share these stories with your friends and family members and make this meritorious deed a success.

May you engage in this meritorious act of building and building a great Vihara Mandira with three Dhamma halls, also with a Bodhi compound, great stupa, and a monastery for the Maha Sangha.

4 thoughts on “Cycling for Merit | The Monastery Built by Kids”

  1. Theruwan Sarani Kyle and Kylie. You both are such an inspiration to younger kids!
    May all these merits be of help in completing the path of nirwana 🙏🏼

  2. Theruvan Saranai !!!
    Kyle & Kylie,
    You two have done many meritorious work in the resent past. Keep it up, do such good things in the future too. Both of you setting an example to all other children.
    Continue to go on the same path until attained ‘Nibbana’.
    Aththa & Aathammi .


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