113 How to Get Long Life: CulaKammaVibhangaSutta Part 1

113 How to Get Long Life: CulaKammaVibhangaSutta Part 1
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Today we are going to start learning a new sutta. Well, new to us. Of course it’s very old because it was preached by the Supreme Buddha over two-thousand five hundred years ago. It’s called the CullaKammaVibhanga Sutta, the shorter discourse on Kamma or karma. I know that as kids you are all very curious about how karma works. This is a great sutta to learn so we can understand why we see so many differences between people in the world. It’s also useful to us so we know how we can experience the best things that we see in this life in our future lives.


5:34 Sermon
16:44 Petavatthu 32. The Deer Hunter
19:19 Khanda Paritta. Read along online or download a PDF.

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