Get a Free Podcast App to Listen to Monks In the Morning

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There are two big advantages to using a podcast app to listen to Monks in the Morning 🌄.

  • New episodes are downloaded automatically at home on wi-fi
  • Easy to know what you have listened to

You may already have a podcast app on your phone such as Google Podcast or Apple Podcast. But if you don’t, we recommend an app called RadioPublic. It’s free, you don’t need an account, and it’s easy to use.

Install RadioPublic Podcast App to get Monks in the Morning

You can search for it in the app store, RadioPublic:

After you install it, you’ll come to the home screen. In the search box, type Monks in the Morning:

Then you should see the podcast. Click on it.

Then on the podcast screen, click follow

Now when you go to your home screen, you will see new episodes:

The most important step is to change your settings. Click on Profile then Settings:

Then on the settings screen, you have the option to automatically download new episodes, and most importantly you can set it to Only on WiFi. This way you won’t ever use mobile data unless you download manually.

Now you’re all set! If you have any problems, be sure to contact us at


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