Meditate after Work: Oct 16 Teachings Recap

We learned how to see good in others using similes from an amazing discourse taught by Arahant Sariputta, Dutiyaāghātapaṭivinaya Sutta.

Then the devotees were reminded to control the internal sense faculties rather controlling external sense faculties from the Chacakka Sutta

A new meditation technique was taught to overcome lust, anger and delusion. That was the contemplation of our own skeleton.

Dear Dhamma friends read Karaneeyametta Sutta and try to practice those good qualities to the greatest extent possible while your at work or home for as long as life lasts.

Usually people runaway from problems leaving jobs or even leaving countries when they experience difficulties at the workplace. To overcome that problem we learned a nice story related to a woman killed in the Jetavana monastery and later how Buddha deal with it without running away even when people stopped giving Dana and kept on accusing monks.

Therefore do not to runaway from problems but instead deal with them with a confident mind. Lets continue learning & practicing at Meditate after Work.

Join us on Wednesdays @ 6.30pm to continue learning the Chachakka Sutta and practice a meditation based on this sutta.

Get details on the next program, Meditate after Work @ Bambalapitiya


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