Meditate after Work: 20 July 22′ Teachings Recap

If we wish to live as laypeople, we should expect pain and suffering. The more you try to reject and run away, the more pain and worry you will feel.. We try to keep things under control – but in reality, they are unavoidable and beyond our control. This is what is called living outside of reality.

The reality is that your colleague may become ill, perform poorly, or you may not have a good boss. It is difficult to accept another person’s pain and accept responsibility so that they will not suffer. This is the truth. So, how can we expect others to come to give us relief?

The devotees were given these four pieces of advice.

  1. Whatever belongs to someone else will cause you pain.
  2. Whoever fights for justice will have to go through pain. It was a Supreme Buddha who enlightened our minds with this reality.
  3. Unpleasant things come in a pleasant nature.
  4. Very sorrowful, disgusting, disagreeable, might come in the form of agreeable, appealing people.

Join us again, next Wednesday (27th) at @7:00 pm Sri Lankan time, to learn more of the Buddha’s teachings.

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