How The Buddha Tamed A Murderer | The Story of Angulimala

To overcome all the miserable states in life, there is a person we can recall, this noble person has amazing qualities to be remembered. This Noble Disciple was born from the Buddha’s heart, born from the Dhamma. His mind was undefiled, He is like the full moon freed from the clouds, His paritta has power over an eon, His declaration of Truth is a great refuge for beings suffering enormously.

Previously, he had a garland of fingers hung around him, later he realized the Dhamma and was covered with the banner of the Arahants. He received an alms bowl for the hand that once held a sword. Calmed was the life that was once agitated… Spread were thoughts of loving-kindness towards all beings… Defeated were the enemies of defilements with the sword of wisdom… He uplifted the Gautama Buddha’s Dispensation…

He is none other than our Arahant Angulimala Maha Thera!

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