Dhammapada Verses 27 & 28 | Appamada Vagga

In these verses, the Supreme Buddha describes the qualities of a foolish person and a wise person.

27. Mā pamāda­manu­yuñ­je­tha, mā ­kāmara­ti­san­tha­vaṃ; Appamatto hi jhāyanto, pappoti vipulaṃ sukhaṃ.

Unwise, foolish people waste their life celebrating auspicious times. Do not give yourself to negligence; do not become intoxicated with sense pleasures. Do not indulge in sense pleasures. If you meditate diligently you can attain great happiness.

28. Pamādaṃ appamādena, yadā nudati paṇḍito; Paññā­pāsāda­māruyha, asoko sokiniṃ pajaṃ; Pabbataṭṭhova bhūmaṭṭhe, dhīro bāle avekkhati.

The wise disciple of the Buddha drives away negligence with diligence. Ascending from the palace of wisdom, freed from sorrow, this sage looks at sorrowing people. It is like someone standing on a mountain observing those on the ground below.

Dhammapada 27 & 28

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