CDF Vesak Celebrations

Join us with your whole family for an online one-day retreat to commemorate the Three Great occasions of our Supreme Buddha’s life, which occurred on the Full Moon Day of the meritorious month of Vesak.

You and your whole family have the great opportunity to observe the 8 precepts, listen to Dhamma and meditate with the guidance of English speaking monks.

When: 26th May, Wednesday for Sri Lanka
29th May, Saturday for Middle East and UK
For: The Whole Family
Zoom ID: 681 200 1000 (English Program)
847 2943 3023 (Sinhala Program)
Start Times: Please refer below

26th May Sri Lanka Vesak Program

Sri Lanka (English Program)7:00 am
Sri Lanka (Sinhala Program)7:00 am

29th May International Vesak Program

UAE & Oman8:30 am
Kuwait & Qatar7:30 am
UK8:00 am
Germany9:00 am

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7:00 AMObserving Eight Precepts Theruwan Vandana, Karaneeya Metta Sutta
7:30 AMBreak – Refreshments
8:00 AMDhamma Sermon
9:30 AMBreak
9:40 AMMeditation
10:10 AMDhamma Sermon
10:30 AMBuddha Puja
11:00 AMLunch Dana
12:20 PMChanting & sharing merits
1:00 PMDhamma Sermon
2:00 PMDhamma Discussion
3:00 PM Meditation
4:00 PMConclusion

Frequently asked questions

Useful handouts to use during the program

8 Precepts

Read Eight Precepts online

Buddha Vandana Book

This is the Vandana book we use that has Sinhala letters, English letters, and English meaning. You can print as a booklet Using Acrobat Reader. (how to)


Loving Kindness Meditation

  • Download a PDF of the basic loving-kindness meditation that we do at many of the meditation programs here.


  • Download a PDF of the meditation on recollecting the qualities of the Supreme Buddha
    Kavi Chanting



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