Buddhanussati: Verses of Recollection on the Buddha

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These are traditional verses that can be recited as a meditation.

1. Ananta vitthāra guṇaṁ – guṇato’nussaraṁ muniṁ
Bhāveyya buddhimā bhikkhū – Buddhānussati’mādito

A wise monk meditates on the Buddha’s infinite and pervasive virtues as his first contemplation. He practices Buddhānussati.

2. Savāsane kilese so – Eko sabbe nighātiya
Ahū susuddha santāno –Pūjāna’ñca sadāraho

The Buddha destroyed all defilements by himself He had an extremely pure mind being worthy of offerings from the whole world.

3. Sabba kāla gate dhamme – Sabbe sammā sayaṁ muni
Sabbākārena bujjhitvā – Eko sabbaññutaṁ gato

The Buddha has rightly realized everything in the world relating to all times through his great insight and has attained Supreme Enlightenment, entirely through his own efforts.

4. Vipassanādi vijjāhi – Sīlādi caraṇehi ca
Susamiddhehi sampanno – Gaganābhehi nāyako

The Leader, the Buddha has various knowledges such as Vipassana as extensive as the sky and he has perfect conduct and pure virtue.

5. Sammā gato subhaṁ thānaṁ – amogha vacano ca so
Tividhassāpi lokassa – ñātā niravasesato

The Buddha has rightly gone to the most blissful state. His speech is very meaningful. He has understood the three worlds, sensual, form and formless worlds, in their entirety.

6. Anekehī guṇoghehi – sabbasattuttamo ahu
Anekehī upāyehi – nara damme damesi ca

The Buddha has become supreme among all beings by his manifold qualities. Using various strategies he tamed gods and humans who could be tamed.

7. Eko sabbassa lokassa – sabba atthānusāsako
Bhāggya issariyādinaṁ – guṇānaṁ paramo nidhī

The Buddha is the great Teacher of all beings. The unique instructor to the entire world, he is a noble treasure of qualities such as good fortune and prosperity.

8. Paññassa sabba dhammesu – karuṇā sabba jantusu
Attathānaṁ paratthānaṁ – sādhikā guṇa jeṭṭhikā

The Buddha had perfect wisdom. His compassion extended to all beings. He acted for the benefit of himself and others. He is Supreme in all qualities!

9. Dayāya pārami citvā – paññāya’ttāna muddharī
Uddharī sabba dhamme ca – dayāya’ññeca uddharī

The Buddha crossed over suffering by the highest wisdom gained through the perfections, and great compassion by realizing the truth, the Buddha helped others to cross over suffering through his great compassion.

10. Dissamāno’pi tā’vassa – rūpakāyo acintiyo
Asādhāraṇa ñānaḍḍhe – dhamma kāye kathāvakā’ti.

The beauty of his physical body, full of meritorious marks, is unimaginable even when visible. How much more unimaginable is his body of Dhamma with unique wisdom?

Etena saccena suvatthi hotu!
By this truth, may there be well-being!

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Translation from The Mahamevnawa Pali English Paritta Chanting Book.

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