AN 5:235 Anukampa, A Monk with Compassion

Learn the five ways a monk can practice compassion towards lay people.

“Monks, a resident monk with five qualities shows compassion to the lay people. What five?

  1. They encourage them in higher ethics.
  2. They equip them to see the truth of the teachings.
  3. When they are sick, they go to them and prompt their mindfulness, saying: ‘Establish your mindfulness, good sirs, in what is worthy.’
  4. When a large monk Saṅgha is arriving with monks from abroad, they go to the lay people and announce: ‘A large monk Saṅgha is arriving with monks from abroad. Make merit! Now is the time to make merit!’
  5. And they eat whatever food they give them, coarse or fine, not wasting a gift given in faith.

A resident monk with these five qualities shows compassion to the lay people.”

Based on the translation by Bhikkhu Sujato, 2018. Read the original on


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