AN 3.61 Titthayatana Sutta: The Irrefutable Teaching | Part 2

In case you haven’t seen part 1 of this sutta, click here.

We are taught the next part of the Sutta, where the Supreme Buddha introduces us to the Dhamma that is irrefutable and uncorrupted and can only be realised by the Supreme Buddha. The Earth element is explained in this video (which is one of the six elements).
Later, a lay follower brings up the topic of how morality decreases with time (reduction in the human lifespan) which begins an interesting discussion and a reminder to all of us that even the human world is not a safe place to be reborn in in the future to come. Refer to the Cakkavattisutta for more details on the period of decline and growth for humans.
Also, another devotee requests Bhante to confirm if merit can be truly shared with Deities, to which Bhante points out the exact Sutta (in the Mahāparinibbānasutta) where the Supreme Buddha advises us to do so. Later, an interesting question is asked about the order that someone must follow when starting to read Suttas.

To watch the next part of this sutta, click here.

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