Mettā: Protection Verses of Loving-Kindness Meditation

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These are traditional verses that can be recited as a meditation.

1. Attūpamāya sabbesaṁ – sattānaṁ sukha kāmataṁ
Passitvā kamato mettaṁ – sabbasattesu bhāvaye

I desire happiness, others also desire happiness. Having compared oneself with others, one should practice loving kindness towards all beings, by realizing that everyone desires happiness.

2. Sukhī bhaveyyaṁ niddukkho – ahaṁ niccaṁ ahaṁ viya
Hitā ca me sukhī hontu – majjhattā thaca verino

May I be free from sorrow and always be happy! May those who desire my welfare, those who are indifferent towards me, and those who hate me, also be happy.

3. Imamhi gāmakkhettamhi – sattā hontu sukhī sadā
Tato para’ṁca rajjesu – cakkavāḷesu jantuno

May all beings living in this area be well and happy and those in other countries in this universe also be well and happy.

4. Samantā cakkavāḷesu – sattānaṁ tesu pāṇino
Sukkhino puggalā bhūtā – attabhāva gatā siyuṁ

May all beings living in the whole universe be well and happy. May each individual who has been born be well and happy. May various types of beings in the whole universe always be well and happy.

5. Tathā itthi pumā ce’va – ariyā anariyāpi’ca
Devā narā apāyaṭṭhā – tathā dasa disāsu cā’ti

Likewise, women, men, the noble and the ignoble, gods, humans, those in planes of misery and those living within the ten directions, may all these beings be happy!

Etena saccena suvatthi hotu!
By this truth, may there be well-being!

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Translation from The Mahamevnawa Pali English Paritta Chanting Book.

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