Help Your Children Succeed

Dear Parents,

The greatest gift you can give to your children is the gift of Dhamma. As we prepare our children for life in an ever-more connected global world, it is important that we connect them with their greatest inheritance as Sri Lankans: the liberating teachings of Gautama Buddha.

How parents can help their children succeed

  • Always review with children what was discussed and any handouts
  • Train your children to do evening vandana in Pali, Sinhala, and English (book provided at no charge)
  • Help your children to apply the teachings they learn in their daily life
  • Meditate with them at least 5 minutes a day

Tools to Succeed

We ask that you purchase the following to support your children

  • Mahamevnawa English-Pali Paritta Book (Required)
  • Mahamevnawa Dhammapada Translation (Required)
  • file folder to hold handouts (Required)
  • Dhamma story books for your children

Features of Mahamevnawa Dhamma School

  • All teaching is done by Venerable Buddhist monks
  • Children learn to chant traditional parittas in both Pali and English so they understand the meaning as they recite
  • There is time for children to make friends with each other
  • Lively discussions of topics that impact your children’s lives
  • Authentic Buddhist scriptures are taught in a way children can understand


  • Gratitude to parents
  • Important English Dhamma vocabulary such as contentment, renunciation, rebirth, detachment, gratitude, etc
  • Meaning of vandana, pirit, and puja chanting
  • Sila, Buddhist Ethics and precepts
  • Meditation, including breathing, metta Bhavana, and Buddhanussati among others
  • Life of the Buddha
  • Specific understanding of how suffering arises in life and solutions to overcome
  • Real meaning of Buddhist holidays
  • Lives of the great disciples
  • Advanced topics such as pancupadanakhanda, ayatana, paticcassamupada, dhatu, etc. in age appropriate fashion
  • Books of Sutta Pitaka and organization
  • History of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

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