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Angulimala Paritta

This powerful Declaration of Truth was taught by our Supreme Buddha to Arahant Aṅgulimāla to bless a pregnant mother who was in extreme pain, unable to deliver her baby.

AN 5:235 Anukampa, A Monk with Compassion

Learn the five ways a monk can practice compassion towards lay people. “Monks, a resident monk with five qualities shows compassion to the lay people. What five? They encourage them in higher ethics. They equip them to see the truth of the teachings. When they are sick, they go to them and prompt their mindfulness,…

AN 5:50 Sokasallaharana Sutta, Pulling Out the Dart of Sorrow

How does a wise person experience death? At one time Venerable Nārada was staying at Pāṭaliputta, in the Chicken Monastery. Now at that time King Muṇḍa’s dear and beloved Queen Bhaddā had just passed away. And since that time, the king did not bathe, anoint himself, eat his meals, or apply himself to his work….

AN 9:2 With Meghiya

What should we do to prepare the mind for wisdom? At one time the Buddha was staying near Cālikā, on the Cālikā mountain. Now, at that time Venerable Meghiya was the Buddha’s attendant. Then Venerable Meghiya went up to the Buddha, bowed, stood to one side, and said to him, “Sir, I’d like to enter…

MN 12 The Similes of the Five Destinations and Nibbana

The following similes that explain the Supreme Buddha’s lokavidū quality are found in the Maha Siha Nada sutta. You can read the whole sutta here. There are these five destinations. What five? Hell, the animal realm, the ghost realm, humanity, and the gods. I understand hell, and the path and practice that leads to hell….

SN 56:31 Simsapa Forest

How can we understand the vast knowledge of a Supreme Buddha? Of that vast knowledge, what did he share with us? At one time the Buddha was staying near Kosambī in a siṁsapā forest. Then the Buddha picked up a few siṁsapā leaves in his hand and addressed the mendicants: “What do you think, mendicants?…


9 Buddha Qualities, abandon suffering, aggregates~khanda, alcohol, anger, animal world, anuttaropurisadammasarati quality, araham quality, Aṅgulimāla Arahant, bad association, bhagava quality, buddhanussati meditation, Buddhist etiquette, chanting, compassion, confidence~saddhā, courage, craving, Culla Kammavibhanga Sutta, death, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, Enlightenment, evil deeds, first noble truth, Four Noble Truths, friendship, ghost world, giving~dāna, good actions, gratitude, greed, guided meditation, heaven, ignorance, impermanence~anicca, jataka, jealousy, karma, killing, life of Buddha, lokavidu quality, losing loved ones, loving-kindness~mettā, lying, Maha Satipatthana Sutta, Mangala Sutta, marks of a great man, meditation, merit~puññā, Mihintale, mindfulness~sati, Mora Paritta, Mundane Right View, nibbāna, Noble Eightfold Path, noble truth of suffering, non-attachment, ordination, origin of suffering, parents, paritta, patience, pilgrimage, practice, precepts, psychic powers, pujas, Pāli, rains retreat, rare human birth, Ratana Sutta, respect, right speech, right view, sacred places, Sakka God, sammasambuddho quality, samsara, Sangha, Second Noble Truth, sexual misconduct, similes, Sri Lanka, stress, Sāriputta Arahant, Taking advice, Third Noble Truth, uposatha, Venerable Maha Moggalana, Vesak, vijjacaranasampanno quality, virtue~sīla, wisdom, Work, worldly conditions, wrong view