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Meditate after Work: 27 July 22′ Teachings Recap

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0PtySfHVvA Is it okay to ever tell a lie? What is defined as a lie? Actions give results. If someone lies they will be reborn in a bad destination. Not only that, but their words will lose their value, and people will lose trust in them. It will also have an impact on your family…

Meditate after Work: 20 July 22′ Teachings Recap

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rMGIuQ9SCc If we wish to live as laypeople, we should expect pain and suffering. The more you try to reject and run away, the more pain and worry you will feel.. We try to keep things under control – but in reality, they are unavoidable and beyond our control. This is what is called living…

Special Message From Our Teacher

Yesterday Pinwath Swaminwahanse highlighted how we should develop in qualities. Nowadays, people have declined and become lazy, as a result of not making an effort to be free from anger, delusion, and lust one day. Whereas, when it comes to sensual pleasures, people are more willing to spend their time and money. Isn’t this very…


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