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Have you heard of Trophy hunting? Trophy hunting is hunting wild animals as trophies, with the whole or parts of the hunted animal kept and usually displayed to represent the success of the hunter.

Do you know the 5 factors that should be completed to break the first precept:
1. Should be a living being
2. Should be aware that the living being is alive
3. Should have the intention
4. Should make a plan
5. Should die due to that plan.

Dear dhamma friends, see how dangerous this samsara is? See the danger of birth in the animal world. There is no protection. Buddha has said that all beings tremble from fear and all beings like to live happily. But see what’s happening, because of beings who break the 1st precept, they all lost their lives early. No one would like to die early. But there is no choice, there is no control. The mistake is they were born in the wrong place (animal world). That is why they die like this.
Therefore, let’s protect the 5 precepts and take strong determination to abstain from killing living beings and not to come to a journey like this. With the help of the 5 precepts let’s have a strong determination to follow more qualities, follow the Noble Eightfold path and realise the Four Noble Truths one day in this Gautama Buddha’s Dispensation.

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