138 The Demon Alavaka is Tamed

138 The Demon Alavaka is Tamed

Today we have a special show. There’s a sutta that I’ve been wanting to chant with you, but it’s a little long. So today we’re dedicating the entire show to reciting the Alavaka Sutta. I think maybe you are familiar with that name, Alavaka. He is a yakkha. Yakkha’s are a type of non-human being who are sometimes friendly, but mostly not very nice. In English sometimes we call them demons or devils. Whatever we call them, they can be kind of scary. But here’s the thing we need to remember. Our Supreme Buddha was able to convert this yakkha from being really nasty to being really good. In fact, he became a disciple of the Supreme Buddha when he learned the Dhamma. Because that’s how the supreme Buddha tames others, by preaching the Supreme Dhamma. That means if we feel scared when we think about yakkhas, we can remember that we are disciples of a great teacher who can tame not only humans, but non humans as well.


6:05 Reciting the Alavaka Sutta. Download a copy or read on line.

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