101 Teacher of Gods and Humans, Sattadevamanussanam Quality

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101 Teacher of Gods and Humans, Sattadevamanussanam Quality

Today we’ll learn about the Supreme Buddha’s Satta devamanussanam quality. It’s kind of related to the Anuttaro Purisadhamma Sarathi quality, Supreme teacher of people to be tamed. But today’s quality focuses his teaching ability on who he taught. Satta means teacher. Deva, I think you know. That’s devas, or gods in general. And manusssa is humans. So this quality means that the Buddha taught both gods and humans.

In the sermon we’ll here about the incident with Arahant Bhikkhuni Subha. You can read the Therigatha verses of Arahant Bhikkhuni Subha here.


6:18 Sermon
16:11 Mahamangala Sutta ~ Discourse on Blessings. Read online now or download a PDF

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