Dhamma Downloads

These are some of the materials we use at our activities. Let us know if there is something you want but can’t find here.


Buddha Vandana Book

This is the Vandana book we use that has Sinhala letters, English letters, and English meaning. You can print as a booklet Using Acrobat Reader. (how to)

Okasa Vandami: This is what we recite to worship monks after a bana or a puja. You can read it online or download the PDF.


Paritta Book Sample

This is a sample of the first 28 pages of our Mahamevnawa Pali-English Paritta Chanting Book. It has some of the most important scriptures that we chant. Download PDF Sample. Learn more about how to purchase the full book.

Buddhist Audio Recordings

Paritta and Puja Recordings

Pali Only

Pali and English


Loving Kindness Meditation

This is the basic loving-kindness meditation that we do at many of the meditation programs here.


  • Download a PDF of the meditation on recollecting the qualities of the Supreme Buddha