Okasa Vandami! Asking for Forgiveness & Sharing Merit

This is what we recite after listening to a sermon from the monks or at the end of a puja. You can download a PDF to learn on your own.

Okāsa vandāmi Bhante. Mayākataṁ puññaṁ, sāminā anumodi tabbaṁ.

Translation: Please, Bhante, kindly allow me to share with you the merit I have collected.

(Bhantes: Sādhu, Sādhu, anumodāmi! Good, good, I rejoice!)

Saminā katam puññaṁ, mayhaṁ dātabbaṁ

Translation: Please Bhante, kindly share with me the merit you have collected.

(Bhantes: Sādhu, Sādhu, anumodetha! Good, good, I share!)

Sādhu, Sādhu anumodāmi!

Good, good, I appreciate!

Okāsa! Dvārattena kataṁ sabbaṁ accayaṁ khamatha me Bhante.

Translation: Forgive me, oh Bhante, of any offences I may have committed by body, speech, or mind.

(Bhantes: Kamāmi kamitabbaṁ. I forgive)

Okāsa khamāmi Bhante!
Dutiyam’pi okāsa khamāmi Bhante!
Tatiyam’pi okāsa khamāmi Bhante!

Translation: I ask for forgiveness, oh Bhante!
For a second time, I ask forgiveness, oh Bhante!
For a third time, I ask forgiveness, oh Bhante!

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