The story of an ascetic who had no fear | Mirror of Dhamma for Kids

Do you get fear? Yes, we all do. Today we are going to learn a jataka story. Our Supreme Buddha was an ascetic in one of the previous births. He came to the populated area to get salt and sour. At that time he met the group of traders and joined them in their journey. At one point they stopped to get some rest and they all fell asleep apart from our Bodisattawa Ascetic. Instead of sleeping, he did the walking meditation. In the middle of the night, out of blue, some thieves came and surrounded the place. But our Bodisattawa ascetic continued with his meditation. The thieves waited until the morning but the ascetic did not stop his meditation. In the end, the thieves got fed up and shouted at him, and ran away. The traders asked from the ascetic whether he got scared. The ascetic answered as I don’t have any wealth, I do not fear. My mind is filled with loving-kindness and compassion. Therefore, my dear dhamma friends, always associate with the wise. May all of us be able to live happily by overcoming attachments and delight in Buddha’s past lives.

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