Pride is Harmful | The Inner Guide, Episode 3

Pride is something that occupies the mind of many people, mainly the youth. But this pride is detrimental to our life and leads to wrong actions through body, speech and mind.
The Supreme Buddha explains the downfall of being intoxicated in youth, health and life in Sukhumālasutta (AN 3.39) and Abhiṇhapaccavekkhitabbaṭhānasutta (AN 5.57). We must frequently contemplate how we are subject to old age, illness, and death, and remind ourselves that we are mortal. In this way, we may remove or reduce this pride and live with a true understanding of life.
All the things that we gather in this life are impermanent, and we will have to leave them all behind. As the Supreme Buddha taught, “Assako loko, sabbaṁ pahāya gamanīyan’ti” (MN 82) which translates to The world has no owner — you must leave everything behind and pass on.
Therefore, if you cling to money, cars, property and other materialistic things, it will only lead to suffering. So we must always try to be down-to-earth, kind, compassionate and never let pride get in our mind!

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