A Buddhist Girl Gets Fired from Work

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4 thoughts on “A Buddhist Girl Gets Fired from Work”

  1. I have never been fired before, but I’m sure I would be shocked and probably speechless. I hope that if this happened to me I would be able to have loving-kindness to my boss.

  2. Namo Buddhaya!
    This video is very inspiring! And I learnt a lot from it! And I shall spread more loving-kindness! I hope that everyone shall too !!!
    Theruwan Saranai!

  3. Very touching and inspiring story you have here. I have experienced the same thing after working for almost 10 years in a bank generating great revenues for them until one day was asked to go. Later learned that i was back stabbed by my right hand man. How cruel that was. I did not have the same strength as you had, and my world was shuttered. I have not shown loving kindness but neither showed vengeful, though. The stabber was promoted and in 10 years further enhanced his position until he left the company last year. While i, endured pain and hardship, was in between jobs for some time period, then migrated to Canada and found work until now. In the last few years, i came to know our monastery and the Bhantes who have shown compassion and shared wisdom to us, Kalyamittas. Namo Buddhaya.



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